NFU Mutual Travel Insurance Review

Marvin's low-down on Travel Insurance from NFU Mutual

The experts say:


NFU Mutual's Home and Lifestyle travel insurance offers comprehensive coverage for medical expenses and airline failure, making it an attractive option for those looking for peace of mind when travelling. According to Which?, the policy has a score of 78%, placing it at 9th out of 71 providers. The Covid Cover rating is rated as 'Superior', and medical expenses cover up to £5000000. Baggage cover is also included, with up to £2500 covered, while cancellation cover is up to £5000. However, the excess payable on medical claims is not known. Fairer Finance have not rated this policy. Overall, NFU Mutual's Home and Lifestyle travel insurance policy offers comprehensive coverage that could prove attractive to many travellers.

What NFU Mutual customers are saying right now:

The Good

  • ✅ Excellent customer service from the outset  🤩
  • ✅ Quick response to incidents ⏱
  • ✅ Friendly and efficient staff 👍
  • ✅ Claims handled professionally and promptly 💯
  • ✅ Long-term loyalty rewarded with reasonable premiums 💰

The Bad

  • 😡 Long wait times for minor repairs and car returns
  • 😤 Poor customer service and communication
  • 😓 Unfair premium increases with no explanation
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NFU Mutual customer reviews summary

NFU Mutual has received a mix of reviews from customers, with some praising the excellent customer service and swift payout of claims, while others have been frustrated by long waiting times and less-than-satisfactory repair work. Despite these contrasting experiences, many customers still recommend NFU Mutual for their professional attitude and helpful staff. All-in-all, it seems that NFU Mutual provides an overall satisfactory experience for its customers. Score: 7/10.

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