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The experts say:

💬's Premier Plus Travel Insurance is a good choice for those looking for comprehensive coverage without breaking the bank. It scored 62% in the Which? rankings, placing it at 58th out of all 71 providers, and earned a 'Superior' rating from Covid Cover. The policy covers medical expenses up to £20,000,000 and baggage up to £3,500. Additionally, it covers cancellation up to £5,000 and has an excess payable on medical claims of only £50. All this and a 4-star 'Fairer Finance Rating' make's Premier Plus Travel Insurance a great option for travelers who want reliable coverage without sacrificing quality.

What customers are saying right now:

The Good

  • 🔹Excellent customer service
  • 🔹Great value for money
  • 🔹Easy to use website
  • 🔹Quick and efficient booking process
  • 🔹Wide range of offers and discounts

The Bad

  • 😡 Terrible customer service - long waits and no response
  • 😠 Disappointing booking process - unreliable dates, incorrect prices, and limited information
  • 😑 Lack of transparency - hidden fees and extra charges
Read more customer reviews of customer reviews summary is a travel insurance provider that has gained positive reviews from customers for its competitive prices and excellent customer service. With a variety of policies to choose from, provides an efficient and convenient way to secure the necessary coverage for any trip. Score: 9/10

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