MRL Travel Insurance Review

Marvin's low-down on Travel Insurance from MRL

The experts say:


MRL's Premier Travel Insurance is a mid-range option that covers up to £5000 of your trip costs if you have to cancel before travelling, and up to £2000 for any possessions or baggage that are damaged, lost or stolen. The medical excess is £100. Fairer Finance has given this policy 2 out of 5 stars. Overall, MRL's Premier Travel Insurance offers an adequate level of cover at an affordable cost, although it falls short in terms of customer service - receiving only two stars from Fairer Finance. It may be suitable for those looking for a basic policy with a low medical excess, though travellers should compare the policy with other providers before making their decision.

What MRL customers are saying right now:

The Good

  • ✅Competitive price
  • 😊Good insurance option
  • 🙂Refund provided when requested
  • 😁Quick and efficient quote
  • 🤗Customer service willing to help

The Bad

  • :x: Customers have experienced terrible customer service, with no response to emails or answered phone calls.
  • :anguished: Claims are difficult to make, and the chance of any claim being paid is minimal.
  • :angry: The insurance policy is not worth the paper it's written on, and there is no satisfactory customer support for medical emergencies.
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MRL customer reviews summary

MRL is a travel insurance provider that seems to have a lot of customer service issues. People have reported difficulty in contacting them, not receiving documents, and poor responses to attempted claims. The customer service experience appears to have been consistently sub-par, making it difficult for customers to trust the company when they need them most. It's clear that MRL is not the ideal choice for anyone looking for comprehensive travel insurance coverage. Score: 2/10

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