Coverwise Travel Insurance Review

Marvin's low-down on Travel Insurance from Coverwise

The experts say:

Coverwise's Platinum travel insurance is an excellent choice for those looking to protect themselves from the unexpected costs of cancelled trips, damaged baggage and medical emergencies abroad. With a Fairer Finance Star Rating of 5 Stars, this policy offers maximum protection. For cancelled trips, Coverwise provides a cover limit of £6,000, providing peace of mind when booking flights or holidays. In the event of lost or damaged personal possessions and baggage, customers are protected with a cover limit of up to £3,500 while medical expenses are covered with no excess payment required. With such comprehensive coverage, Coverwise's Platinum travel insurance is an ideal choice for travellers wishing to enjoy their holiday without worry. But do Coverwise travel insurance customers think it's any good? Read on to find out.

What Coverwise customers are saying right now:

The Good

  • ✅ Easy to navigate website
  • 😃 Competitive prices
  • 🙂 Quick and simple purchase process
  • 😊 Helpful customer service rep
  • 🤩 Fantastic savings compared to other quotes

The Bad

  • ⚠️ Extremely slow and unresponsive to claims
  • 😡 Poor customer service and inability to contact a manager
  • 🤯 Unclear terms and conditions, not providing coverage for all needs
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Coverwise customer reviews summary

Coverwise is a travel insurance company that promises competitive rates and a hassle-free purchase process. However, customers have reported slow response times, rudeness from some customer service representatives, and an inability to speak to higher-level staff. Despite the initial good impression made by their prices, many people have been left feeling disappointed by Coverwise's inconsistent customer service and delays with the claims process. Overall, Coverwise gets a customer score of 6/10.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Coverwise

Does Coverwise cover Covid-19?

Yes – in fact Coverwise provides enhanced cover for claims relating to COVID-19.

In summary: you're covered if you need to cancel your trip because you catch Covid before setting off, or because you're told to self-isolate. You're also coverd for medical claims related to Covid while away (as long as the Foreign Office didn't specifically warn against going to your destination. What's more, the cover extends to "reasonable additional transport and/or accommodation expenses up to the standard of your original booking".

Finally, Coverwise also includes cover in case you need to return home early because of a close relative getting ill with Covid back home. You can read more on the Coverwise website.

Who is Coverwise Travel Insurance underwritten by?

Coverwise is underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance S.A., which is part of AXA – one of the world's largest insurance companies with over $1oo billion in revenue.

Can you cancel Coverwise Travel Insurance?

As with all insurance products, you have a right to cancel your Coverwise policy and receive a full refund within the statutory 14-day cooling off period. You can also cancel after the end of the cooling-off period, but Coverwise's terms and conditions state that they will not refund you any of the premium you have paid if you do.