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Marvin's low-down on Travel Insurance from Aviva

The experts say:


Aviva Travel Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for medical expenses, with up to £10 million in cover. It also provides baggage cover of up to £1,500, and cancellation cover of up to £5,000 - plus an excess payable of just £100 on medical claims. As such, it is well-suited to travelers looking for a high level of security while abroad.This policy has been rated 71% by Which?, making it one of the highest-scoring policies out of all 71 providers, and earning it a ranking of 37th overall. Furthermore, Aviva Travel Insurance is one of few providers offering complete Covid Cover (with the option to add additional disruption cover). Finally, Fairer Finance have awarded this policy 4 stars - indicating that it is a competitively-priced travel insurance option. Overall, Aviva Travel Insurance is an excellent choice for those seeking comprehensive coverage and peace of mind while travelling.

What Aviva customers are saying right now:

The Good

  • 😊 Aviva has competitive prices for insurance
  • 😊 Good customer service from some staff members
  • 😊 Easy online services to change details
  • 😊 Quick response time to emails and phone calls
  • 😊 Quality home and contents coverage

The Bad

  • 🤬Terrible customer service, with long wait times and not replying to messages. 🙄Automated systems are confusing and unhelpful. 🤯Price increases without explanation or justification.
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Aviva customer reviews summary

Aviva has consistently been receiving terrible reviews for their customer service and lack of response. Customers have reported being put on hold for long periods of time, ignored emails, and no response to complaints. It is clear that this company does not value its customers or deliver on its promises. With such a poor track record, it's no surprise that customers are choosing to switch to other insurance companies with better customer service. Aviva gets a score of 1 out of 10 for their appalling customer service.

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