ABTA Travel Sure Travel Insurance Review

Marvin's low-down on Travel Insurance from ABTA Travel Sure

The experts say:

ABTA Travel Sure's Travel Insurance is a solid option for those looking for all-round cover. With a cover limit of £10,000 when cancelling before travel, £3,000 for personal possessions and baggage which are damaged, lost or stolen and no medical excess, it makes for a compelling package. It also receives 5 stars from Fairer Finance, the independent financial products rating site, so you can be confident about product quality and customer service levels. All in all ABTA Travel Sure's Travel Insurance looks like a comprehensive and competitive choice. But does ABTA feature in our Top 10 Travel Insurance picks? 

What ABTA Travel Sure customers are saying right now:

The Good

  • 👍 Clear and concise policy choice.
  • 🤑 Competitive prices.
  • 😀 Excellent customer service.
  • ✅ Easy to navigate website.
  • 🤗 Friendly and understanding staff.

The Bad

  • 🤔 Difficulties with the payment system when approving via banking app.
  • 👎 Error in original travel insurance and medical issues not taken into consideration.
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ABTA Travel Sure customer reviews summary

ABTA Travel Sure is a popular and reliable source of travel insurance, offering a choice of policies and competitive prices. Customers have praised the company for their easy online process, helpful call handlers, and reasonable costs for cover. Many report that the site is simple to navigate and hassle-free. Overall, ABTA Travel Sure gets a 9/10 for providing an efficient service with great customer care!

Is ABTA Travel Sure one of this year's Top 10 Travel Insurance companies?

Deep-dive into ABTA Travel Sure Platinum Travel Insurance

  • Medical excess: The policy offers £0.00 medical excess meaning if you  make a medical claim, there's nothing you have to pay.
  • Personal Possessions and Baggage cover limit: Should your baggage get damaged, lost or stolen, there's a cover limit of £3,000.
  • Cancelling before travel cover limit: If you need to cancel your trip before you have even embarked on it, you have a cover limit of £10,000.
  • Emergency medical cover and repatriation cover limit: The policy provides a substantial £10,000,000 cover for any medical treatment required during your trip, including costs for getting you back home.
  • Mental health cover: Importantly, this policy provides inclusion for mental health issues that are new and arise on the trip and not prior to it.
  • Personal money: In case of loss or theft of your money, you're covered up to £3,000.
  • Combined passport & travel documents cover limit: Loss or theft of your passport and travel documents is covered up to £3,000, including travelling expenses to secure a new one.
  • Cutting trip short (curtailment) cover limit: This policy covers up to £10,000 should you need to cut your trip short and cancel pre-booked flights and hotels.
  • Abandoning your trip (abandonment) cover limit: If your trip needs to be abandoned due to long delays, you're covered up to £10,000 to get you home.
  • Natural disaster relocation cover: Fortunately, this policy offers cover for costs associated with relocation in the event of a natural disaster or catastrophe.
  • Natural disaster baggage cover: Your personal belongings are also covered if they're damaged or destroyed during a natural disaster.
  • Max trip duration: The plan allows for a maximum trip duration of 44 days in succession to be fully covered.